Aug 13: Tacoma Pass to Mirror Lake (PCT miles 2364.6 to 2384.8)

Todays hike will take me over a number of low(ish) ridges and then up a steep, tall one to Mirror Lake.

Todays hike was filled with ripe, tasty Huckleberries .

There was also a lot of bear poop on the trail, so I kept a wary eye hoping to catch sight of one. No luck with that.

I can now see that I am passing Mt Rainier which is off to the west

One of my water refill locations is home to a handsome frog

Just when I was deciding that it was time for lunch, the trail opened onto a dirt road and I me Teresa, a Trail Angel supplying Trail Magic!

She was serving cold lemonade, Hiker Caviar (a black bean salsa), chips, cookies and brownies! How awesome and unexpected!

Teresa has been Angeling since 2014 and I was a recipient of her warm weather menu. If it is cold and rainy she brings Tortilla Soup and warm drinks.

I ate way too much but enjoyed talking with her, her friend and the other hikers that happened along.

I had ten more miles to go to get to Mirror Lake, so I finally pried myself out of the comfy chair and hit the trail.

I arrived at Mirror Lake in time for a quick swim that felt great after a very steep and long climb

I ate a small dinner and climbed into my tent for a great nights sleep.

Thanks for reading!

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