Aug 14: Mirror Lake to Snoqualmie Pass (PCT miles 2384.8 to 2393.6)

I woke up early eager to get to Snoqualmie Pass in time for lunch. As I was hiking down to the Pass I checked for cellular signal and found that my friend Mike had noticed I was a day ahead of schedule and let me know he was on his way to collect me.

As I hiked I could see the next set of mountains even better

They will have to wait for a week, as I am leaving the trail at Snoqualmie Pass to visit with Mike and his friend Cathy, plus catch a train up to La Connor/Anacortes to attend my step-niece’s wedding.

On this side of the ridge are lots of Foxglove

And tons more Huckleberries. I decided to pick a bunch and bake a special treat for Mike and Cathy. In about an hour, and on about a mile or two of Trail, I filled my 600ml cup with berries

Later that night I made Galettes

I hiked down through the Snoqualmie ski area and met Mike

We had lunch and a beer and then he drove me down to his place where he and Cathy let me shower, do laundry, fed me and took good care of me!

The next two days will be visiting REI to get new socks (I’ve worn holes in two pair) and a wool cap (I shrunk mine in a drier a few weeks ago and now it fits more like a yamaka). We’ll also do more touristy things.

Thanks for reading!

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