Aug 31: High Bridge Ranger Station to just south of Rainy Pass (PCT miles 2572.4 to 2589.3)

I tried to sleep in this morning: the first shuttle is at 9am and includes a trip to the bakery for breakfast.  Once it got light at about 6am, I just had to get up, so I packed up and moved down to the tables near the store.  My food resupply had provisions for 6 days at about 15 miles/day.  I reviewed the maps and now think I can reach the Northern Terminus in five days and walk to Manning Park (Canada) on the morning of the sixth day (Sept 5).  My food resupply is so heavy, so I crawled through everything and donated a lot of good food to the hiker box.

Stehekin has no cell service, but you can purchase (purported very slow) WiFi from the store.  But, it has one really cool thing: a free land line!  I had used it yesterday to call Liz and some friends.  Today I’m using it to add a note to my REI “World” card that I will be traveling to Canada.  That did not go so well: the concierge service listed on the card has nothing to do with the Credit Card company, they just try to be your go-between.  I was unable to get the note added — it left me wondering why it has the word “World” prominently stamped on it.  I’ve now corrected the card:


I caught the first bus out, picked up a pumpkin muffin and coffee for breakfast and started hiking by 10am.  Today’s hike starts a 25 mile gradual uphill stretch of the PCT past Rainy Pass and Cutthroat Pass.  With my late start and general uphill trail, I am not sure how far I will go today.

I passed by a lily pad filled lake where people have reported bear sightings.  I still have not seen a bear this trip!

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2643 This section of the trail is also very popular with day hikers and weekend backpackers.  There is a lot of horse poop on the trail, a lot of it very fresh.  I aldo chanced upon a more permanent type of horse dropping.


There was not a lot of scenery to see today, so alas I did not take many pictures.  I am told the area north of Rainy Pass has tons of great views.  I’m hoping so.

I set up camp just south of Rainy Pass and was joined by a pair of southbound PCT hikers.  We were visited by an all-too-friendly buck that hung out in the camp site.  We tried shooing it off, but it kept returning and waking us up.  Seems this section of the National Forest needs a few more large predators.

Finally the deer left us alone and we all slept well.

Thanks for reading!

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