Aug 12: Louisiana Pass to Tacoma Pass (PCT miles 2343.6 to 2364.6)

The rain stopped sometime in the night, but the tree dripping continued through the morning. I packed everything while in the tent then ventured out and found that there was no dripping just six feet away. I dragged the tent to that location to disassemble and pack it.

I hiked down to a meadow where a local snowmobile club built a log cabin for anyone to use. A hiker I passed told me that ten people slept there last night and had wet/drying gear hanging everywhere.

I hung my wet tent on the front porch to dry and are breakfast. Looks like the rain has run its course and sunny weather is back!

I enjoyed snacking on both Huckleberries and tiny, but flavorful Strawberries this morning.

I noticed a new flower too

And a huge Shelf Fungus and picturesque mushroom

I rounded a bend and stared down a Grouse, that took off before I could photograph him. I also saw two Elk, possibly a doe and older calf that also bolted into the woods as soon as I tried to my camera out.

The coolest find of the day, besides the sun, was this Arrowhead I found on the trail near a fresh gopher mound

How cool is that!

On top of a ridge I saw the mountain ridges past Snoqualmie Pass – they look very dramatic

I camped near a dirt road at Tacoma Pass. It was a much nicer day than the ones before– I hope this sunny weather sticks around through the rest of my hike!

Thanks for reading!

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