July 31: Salvation Spring to Tea Kettle Spring (PCT mile 2119.2 to 2139.7)

A guy I was hiking with way back near Shelter Cove mentioned a few times that after Timberline Lodge (elevation ~6000 ft), there are 50 miles of downhill to Cascade Locks (elevation ~150 ft). He was dreading all that downhill. The truth is both yesterday, when I left Timberline Lodge, and today, there has been a good amount of uphill pushes – including one 2,000 foot hill. Don’t always trust trail advice.

Today I want to get to a campsite near a spring on the ridge above Cascade Locks, OR.

As the day progressed Mt Hook was father and farther away

I stopped for lunch at WahTum Lake and took a swim

I found some tasty Thimbleberries

More yummy Huckleberries

And two other berries I did not recognize

I also found a flower I had not seen before

A Bumblebee on a wild rose

Blackberry blossoms

And a beautiful Tiger Lilly

I camped on a small flat spot on a narrow ridge above Cascade Locks. This is my last night camping in Oregon: tomorrow I have a hotel room for the evening and the next day I hike in Washington!

Thanks for reading!

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