Aug 1: Teakettle Spring to Cascade Locks (PCT mile 2139.7 to 2147.3)

It took a while to get to sleep – I could hear trains and highway traffic noise some 2,000 feet below me.

I woke up and headed down the ridge with a list of activities to complete in town: mail home some no-longer-needed equipment (including Microspikes), restock 4 days of food at the market, wash me, wash my clothes, charge my electronics and backflush my water filter (it can get clogged by dirty water).

I got a glimpse of my destination as I started

Along the way down I saw this layered ridge view

And found this guy on the trail

There were some ride Wild Grape (I think)

I finally made it to the bottom of the mountain– to the lowest point on the PCT, Cascade Locks!

I saw a fruit stand nearby and before I could even ask the price the nice lady gave me a beautiful peach. It tasted great. She also let me try some of her Huckleberries, which were much tastier than the wild ones I’ve been munching on.

I have completed my list of things to do and am now headed out to seek dinner.

Tomorrow morning I cross the Bridge of the Gods into Washington. I’m excited to start hiking there!

Thanks for reading

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