July 30: Timberline Lodge to Salvation Spring (PCT mile 2097.4 to 2119.2)

Todays goal is to cross around Mt Hood and descend the other side. The ridges carved in the mountain by eons of snow melts make it look like it has legs. I’ll be crossing those ravines and streams this morning.

I documented my thoughts at the first stream crossing this morning

It turns out that I found an even better crossing place here

Looking upstream I saw a nice waterfall

At a water refill spot I found a very peaceful creek

I found a new flower today, well new to me anyways

My second stream crossing was made radio by those who came before me – the creek was fast and wide and had few rocks poking out of the waterline

Thankfully, someone tied some logs together to make a bridge

In the early afternoon I came to the Ramona Falls Trail-this used to be the PCT route until it was closed to horses due to slides. It takes you to The stunning Ramona Falls

This fall was mesmerizing because of all the different routes the water travels from top to bottom.

Today was also berry day. In addition to Huckleberries, I found Salmon Berries

Which I tasted and did not like that much.

And two other berries that I did not taste:

Just before I arrived at my campsite, I was rewarded with a last look at Mt Hood

Thanks for reading!

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