July 23: Mesa Creek to campsite near lava field (PCT mile 1962.9 to 1982.4)

Very few mosquitoes! Didn’t even need to put on my head net!

The goal today is camp as close to a large lava field that I will then cross tomorrow.

I was greeted by a woodpecker this morning. I actually think he’s trying to scare me off. I could net see him, but I could hear him.

This is in another burn area where the fire sculpted some of the trees. There were some interesting fungus growing on the trees.

It’s nice to have views again!

I entered the Obsidian Restricted Area, a wonderful place that is absolutely filled with beautiful obsidian rocks, some quite large

There’s even a great waterfall emerging from the cracked obsidian

I saw some new flowers today

I crossed a small lava field where some trees are able to gain a foothold

I was surprised to find a half- frozen pond

I hiked 3/4s of the way around a cinder come and saw three different biomes: dry, snowy and green

I then descended to the base of the large lava files I will cross tomorrow.

I camped in a burn area and tried to get as far away from the trees as I could. My camp was overrun by five golden retrievers that wanted to jump on me and get into my tent and food. I had to shoo them off until their owner arrived and tried to control them.

As I lay in my tent at sunset I spotted a few bats flying around the lava wall next to my campsite. It was a windy night but did not hear any branches or trees fall. I slept great.

Thanks for reading!

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