July 24: Campsite near lava field to Big Lake Youth Camp (PCT mile 1982.4 to 1995.1)

I woke up to a very quiet and calm morning. I got up extra early so that I can make the four mile, dry, uphill lava crossing before it gets hot.

I got on the trail and was immediately accosted by another uncontrolled dog. Ugh.

I was alone on the lava crossing and early morning was a great time to go

It was slow going for me – the lava is hard on the feet.

I then descended a burn area into a meadow! I carried a bunch of extra water that I did not need (as usual).

I am headed to the Big Lake Youth Camp, a Christian summer camp for kids, that is super friendly to PCT hiker. By super friendly I mean they give us our own big A-Frame building with bathrooms, showers, kitchen, laundry and resupply! Oh, and free breakfast, lunch and dinner! Amazing!

So many new and old flowers too!

I got all caught up on my blogs! Hooray! After being well pampered, I camped in the PCT campsite near the lake.

Another great night, and I have a real breakfast awaiting me in the morning!

Thanks for reading!

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