July 22: Mac Lake to Mesa Creek (PCT mile 1942.4 to 1962.9)

I woke early and hit the trail. I have another 1,400′ hill to climb and descend today. The green tunnel seems to be dissipating – I’m seeing a lot more meadows and open areas. Yay!

I was delighted to find that once I descended he hill there were minimal mosquitoes! Yay! It was wonderful to hike in short sleeves!

There are still many flowers in this area

I stooped and swam in Sisters Mirror Lake, and it felt great! I’m definitely going to swim as often as I can.

I arrived at Mesa Creek, in a huge meadow. It was so pretty, I decided to camp here.

I filled up my water bottles in the local stream and was greeted by this guy

It was a great campsite and I slept well.

Thanks for reading!

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