July 16: Lightning Spring to The slope of Mt Thielsen (Crater Lake Rim Trail PCT Alt mile 4.5 to PCT mile 1850.6)

I packed up early and headed back up to the Crater Lake West Rim Trail. This place is so beautiful!

The Rim Trail still has some snow, and some of it has the algae

North of Crater Lake I was on the phone diagnosing a problem with a script I wrote at a consulting gig I have (we got it fixed!). While sitting on a log I fidgeted with the cut end of the log and pulled this out

Seems the Park is monitoring PCT usage. I wonder how many more of these I did not see? I put it back and packed the wood around it. It would be interesting to know what percentage of Crater Lake visitors are PCTers…

I saw a few large moths flying around but couldn’t get a photo of one until I stumbled on this guy on the trail being attacked by ants.

Did I forget to mention the mosquitoes?

Yes, still swarming!

Thanks for reading!

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