July 14: Stream Below Devils Peak to Pond on ridge above Manama Village(PCT mile 1799.3 to 1816.9, plus 2 miles out and back to Ranger Spring )

The mosquitoes were waiting for me when I awoke.

Today will be another down one ridge and back up another. I will need to carry large amounts of water again as there are few sources.

My first stop was Ranger Springs, an amazingly active spring

This spring is also popular with a bobcat

The area is lush with water loving plants like this one

I hiked through another burn area with a fair number of tall stumps.

Finally I entered Crater Lake National Park!

I found a nice place to camp near a pond where I rehydrated my body

As darkness fell, the pond came alive with the sounds of the resident frogs.

Nice sounds to fall asleep to!

Thanks for reading!

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