July 13: Ridge near Mt. McLaughlin to Stream Below Devils Peak (PCT mile 1777.8 to 1799.3)

Sometime after dark last I heard a bear tearing up a log again. It was downhill from the campsite and did not come up, at least as far as I know.

I was awoken by the loud banging noise of a woodpecker on a big hollow tree.

Today’s hike is down off the shoulder Mt. McLaughlin and then up to Devil’s Peak and down to a stream on the other side of the pass. There are only a few spots to collect water along the way.

Not long after hiking I ran into a cute toad that blends in well with his surroundings.

The natural spring for my refill for the day was absolutely infested with mosquitoes. I used my warm gloves to keep my hands safe. Another hiker in tights (typical PCT hiking clothes) had a heck of a time getting and filtering water while constantly swatting mosquitoes.

The day warmed up quite a bit. Although I had filled up my water containers in anticipation of the long dry day, I was pleased to find a water cache and celebrated with a big cup of water.

On my way up to Devils Peak, I hiked through some burn areas

And looked back at where I spent the previous night: Mt McLaughlin

I also found the first snow of the trip

There were lots of flowers today

The Backside of the pass at Devils Peak was steep and snow covered

I decided to don my Microspikes

I hiked to the stream and drank my fill of clean fresh snowmelt water. My campsite had a view of the snow specked pass I had just descended

And here’s my tent inviting me to bed

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