July 12: Barton Flats Rd to top of ridge on Mt McLaughlin(PCT mile 1759 to 1778)

Note: sorry for the long delay in posting: Internet is not very strong in Southern Oregon..

Did I forget to mention the mosquitoes? They are plentiful, fearless and relentless. Sometimes you can outhike them, but if you have a tail breeze they are on you. I hike with long pants, long sleeve shirt, sun hat and a mosquito net.

I avoid using bug repellent and sunscreen because I don’t want to contaminate water sources should I rinse off in a stream. The down side is that I am usually hot and sweaty hiking this way.

The mosquitoes are still bad today and I fear they will be for a few weeks more. Sigh.

There are lots of songbirds here, including this one that I think is a Hermit Thrush.

My first stop today is at the South Brown Mountain Shelter- a remote cabin with a well.

Inside the cabin was a well-chewed trail log

The water well is still operable, but difficult with one person, possible with two, ideal with three, and any more just add to the comedic relief. Luckily there was one other hiker there who helped me refill my water bottles.

The trail transitioned from tree tunnels to volcanic flows.

… over and over again

I had a great view of destination: The slopes of Mt. McLaughlin. It seems so far away, but I will camp tonight on the east (right) side of that peak

While there was not much fauna about, I did see a fair number of destroyed paper wasp nests, even though I did not see any wasps.

I arrived at the top of the ridge on Mt. McLaughlin, set up camp, ate dinner and was in bed by 6pm!

I was awoken again by the sounds of a bear ripping up logs, but not as close as the first night. I slept well.

Thanks for reading!

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