Sep 20: Pismo Beach to Gaviota State Beach (67.4 miles)

I packed up early and, yes, the tent was soaked again. Today’s journey is an inland route east of Vandenberg Air Force Base and Point Conception and rejoining the Pacific at Gaviota State Beach. There is no continuous public coastal road around Pt Conception.

A lot of what I saw today was farmland, and much of it is being harvested

I had some big hills today, and while climbing them I was really missing the cool coastal breeze

It was a very warm day today and I was gulping down the water and sweating it out! Any turnout with shade was welcomed! The first half of today’s route had little to no shoulder (see above), but the second half had a smooth and generous shoulder. Even so, I found myself dragging my bike across grass and brush to get respite from the sun.

I finally summited the last hill and enjoyed a downhill run on Hwy 1, then a tricky merge onto Hwy 101 and finally arrived at the ocean at Gaviota State Beach.

When I registered for a site the ranger said that I looked like I could use a cold beer. I heartily agreed, but mentioned that food stores are too far away. She told me not to worry: she keeps a cooler with cold beers to give to Bicyclers who come here! On the PCT we call this Trail Magic from Trail Angels. I guess this is Toad Magic from Road Angels!

Here’s a view of the beach

Here’s a view of the hills I descended

There is a pier here

The campground is separated from the beach by train trestles

I am now in the Southern California Bight, the area between Pt. Conception and Dan Diego. I believe the big hills are now all done, and most of my ride will be through So Cal cities.

Here’s proof I’m in So Cal: I think this is my first Palm Tree

Tomorrow is a coastal ride through Santa Barbara, including UCSB, to Carpinteria.

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