Sep 19: San Simeon State Park to Coasta Dunes RV Park near Pismo Beach (58.3 miles)

The wind stopped sometime last night and the fog moved in and drenched everything in our campsite. I packed up and headed out into the fog to the city of Cambria looking for a warm breakfast.

Today’s ride follows Hwy 1 through Morro Bay and then side streets to Pismo Beach

The fog lifted south of Cambria and I got to see the ocean again

The last of the morning fog was burning off at Morro Rock and I started heading inland with another great tailwind!

I arrived at Pismo and found a pod of Humpback Whales spouting and jumping out of the water!

I stopped at a market to buy food but just couldn’t get the clerk excited about Humpback Whales in the bay. I rolled down Hwy 1 a bit to the campground and found it closed for repairs. Yikes! Luckily there is a San Luis Obispo County RV site that takes bicyclers just a few miles down the road. It also has a laundry room so I get clean clothes out of the deal, or at least as clean as hot water and no detergent will get them…

Tonight will be another earplug night as the park is bounded by Hwy 1 on one side an Amtrak trains on the other.

Tomorrow I head out to Gaviota – another place I do not recall ever visiting.

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