Sep 8: Van Damme State Park near Mendocino to home in The Sea Ranch (55.0 miles)

Today is a nice, albeit hilly ride along the coast on Hwy 1 down to my home in The Sea Ranch.

I have special motivation today: a weekend with Liz!

Highway 1 has little to no shoulder on much of the route today, but the traffiic was very patient and accommodating. Lots of great views today!

I arrived at Anchor Bay just as Liz was finished with her Yoga class. She gave me a cold soda and we had a nice chat on the steps of the storefront.

We then remounted our separate modes of travel and continued further south to home. I spotted Rob and Alice, my Goid friends, Sea Ranch neighbors, and Ashland PCT Trail Angels just north of Gualala. They are headed back to Ashland for a while.

Liz was waiting for me when I arrived at home

Yay, over 1,200 miles done and only about 740 left!

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