Sep 9 & 10: Zero days in The Sea Ranch (0 miles)

Sunday and Monday were relaxation days. Noor, Rob, Katy and Carsten arrived on Sunday just as Liz loaded up to return to home (“Because somebody has to pay the bills”).

Here’s the international crowd: Katie, Noor and Rob

And Carsten

Everyone cleaned up, did laundry and helped prepare a great meal. Afterwards I started up the chiminea and we sat out back and I introduced the group to s’mores. They were a hit!

Monday morning Rob, Katie and Carsten returned to the road and Noor and I hung out at the house.

I already had known that Noor was a Doctor in Holland overseeing transplants, but today I also learned that she was a member of the Dutch Olympic Field Hockey team in the 1988 (Seoul), 1992 (Barcelona) and 1996 (Atlanta). And she has two Bronze Medals! Wow!

My Sea Ranch friends Tad and Maureen shuttled us to their house and treated us to another amazing “Che Tad” dinner. We returned home full and ready for bed.

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