Aug 31: Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park to Umpqua Lighthouse State Park (45.4 miles)

The fog lifted a bit during the night so morning brought just a few drips from the canopy above. I checked the bike tires and found them fully inflated- yay!

Today’s route is south on 101 to Umpqua Lighthouse State Park.

I decided to visit the bike store in Florence, just 10 miles away, to replace my rear tire. When inspecting it, I found the tread well worn, but rideable, but there were a number of small cuts that made me think its time.

I hit the road and started climbing into a bit of fog, but luckily I was able to still see the sights. This is a look back at the Haceta Head Lighthouse

And looking straight down I could see, hear and smell sea lions on the rocks below

I arrived at the bike shop just after it opened and learned that the owner was born and raised in Cupertino and worked at many Silicon Valley bike shops before moving to Oregon. I got a spiffy and tough new back tire

Next stop was Reedsport where I found a laundromat, fast lunch and supermarket all next to each other. I now have clean, dry clothes and my next few meals.

Today’s campsite is near the old Umpqua Lighthouse

Which has nice views of the harbor

I at my campsite with enough daylight and breeze to dry out my tent.

The sky has really cleared up and I’m hoping to see stars tonight, and looking forward to dry cycling tomorrow!

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