Sep 1: Umpqua Lighthouse State Park to Humbug Mountain State Park (84.8 miles)

It was tough getting to sleep due to some yokels with super loud percussion explosives. The bangs persisted for hours leading me to think it may be normal. Annoying. It finally stopped and I got a great sleep the rest of the night.

In the morning I got a better view of Winchester Bay where the Umpqua River meets the sea

I headed off to Coos Bay. I made good time and spotted my first challenge of the day: crossing the McCullough Memorial Bridge. Bikes share the lane with cars and have been known to cause traffic jams.

I took a swig of water and pedaled with purpose. The traffic was abiding, passing when the could cross into the oncoming lane, staying behind me when they could not, and not honking or yelling. Yay!

I had originally planned to camp at Bullards Beach State Park, a 47 mile day, but arrived there just after noon, still felt strong and had a great tailwind. I decided to shoot for Humbug Mountain State Park instead, making it an 84 mile day!

The view at Port Orford was spectacular

I arrived At Humbug Mountain and got a nice spot wit a view of Humbug

Thanks for reading!

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