Aug 30: Beverly Beach State Park to Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park (44.5 miles)

It drizzled and dripped all night but I was warm and dry in my tent. I got up for an early start to see if maybe I could go farther than my planned ride, however I was forced to deal with my first mechanical failure: a flat rear tire. I had noticed the rear tire needed regular pumping to get it back to the 70 PSI – it was often down to 40, as was the case at lunch yesterday and again when I pulled into camp last night. Well, the slow leak turned into a fast one. I used the REI-provided workstation in the campsite to hold my bike while I removed the wheel. I scanned the tire but did not see anything obvious. I then removed the tire and started looking for anything embedded from the inside. Sure enough there was a steel wire entering the tire at an acute angle. I pulled it through:

One of the hazards of riding with the debris on the side of the road. I realized it has been years since I changed a bicycle tire, but I got a new tube in and remembered to orient the tire so it rotates the correct direction on the wheel. I pumped it up and off I went into the wet, foggy morning.

Nearby, and only a mile off my route is a photogenic lighthouse, but as I approached the turnoff all I could see down the road was the white of the fog. Oh well.

I was thinking of stopping at the first town, Newport, for some warm coffee and breakfast. I found a $10 bill on the way into town, so that sealed the deal. I like a simple breakfast: eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. No such thing here… The closest I got was a Belgium Waffle with bacon in it and a scrambled egg on top. It worked.

Back on the road I passed by grass covered sand dunes. You may have to just trust on this, because the weather was not cooperating with photography.

The bridge into Waldport was very interesting: a combination of steel and cement arches

The entrance to Waldport Bay was clogged with small boats sporting fishermen- I’m guessing the Salmon are running.

It started drizzling soon after I left Waldport and the fog level dropped and increased the overall humidity. If that was not enough, a north-bound headwind developed to add to the fun. Needless to say, I did not get any decent photo opportunities the rest of the day.

It was a long last 15 miles to Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park, and when I arrived, I knew I was done for the day. My clothes are soaked and I’m feeling tired. A hot shower and lunch sounds good.

I set up my tent and put my soaking wet rain fly on it. I guess I’m getting the gist of rain camping. Not loving it though…

On the bright side, rain brings out the mushrooms

Thanks for reading!

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