Aug 29: Cape Lookout State Park to Beverly Beach State Park (64.4 miles)

Last night the fog rolled in before sunset and soon the trees were scraping moisture from it and dripping on the campsite. I now roll up the vestibule footprint when not in use to prevent water getting under the tent. It worked!

As it was still drizzling outside, I repacked my panniers in the tent and then emerged to pack up the wet tent. It looks like today may be foggy, so I may not get a chance to let it dry before having to set it up again.

My route is south along the coast on the Oregon Coast Bicycle Route. The morning ride is on quieter highways with little to no shoulder but also light traffic. I will meet up with US 101 again for some of the afternoon ride.

Although foggy the views are still pretty cool

At breakfast I met a delightful couple, Ryan and Laura from New Zealand. They are biking from Portland to San Francisco. I got to ride much of the afternoon with them before they continued on to a campsite further south than mine. I really appreciated their taking the lead and letting me draft for a while. We had a surprising headwind heading south and my legs were feeling tired..

The sun came out for a bit while I was climbing the second of three big hills today. Happily all the hills are on less used roads so there was little to no traffic while climbing and descending.

The fog returned in the early afternoon but I was still able to capture a few good ocean beach shots

I arrived at camp around 5 and setup my tent. The rain fly is very wet on the inside and outside. I’m learning that things don’t dry on the Oregon Coast- I’m used to the PCT where even if it rains things will dry on their own pretty quickly. Liz, an east-coast girl, says I need to get over my aversion o wet tents. I guess she is right, as I am inside my very wet tent, warm and dry while the fog/drizzle continues.

Thanks for reading!

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