Aug 28: Nehalem Bay State Park to Cape Lookout State Park (44.1 miles)

A little after publishing yesterday’s blog, I was reading a book in my campsite when I heard whistling behind me. I turned around and watched a herd of elk pass by.

How cool is that?

I also caught the sunset on trees that made them look on fire

I slept in today as it will be a low mileage, easy day because tomorrow is a 60+ miles with three big hills day. Ugh.

I was in Rockaway Beach just in time to see the steam engined Oregon Coast Scenic Railway

There are also rental four-seater, four-wheeled bicycles that run on the old railroad tracks.

The Tillamook Bay was low tide as I passed by

And I passed by the Tillamook Cheese operation as well

I ate lunch at the Pelican Brewery in downtown Tillamook. I chose the fish and chips, and one of their fine hoppy IPAs as well

I arrived at Cape Lookout in the early afternoon and explored the beach sights

The hiker/biker sites are right on the coast – all I hear is the crashing of waves!

I’ve been playing camping tag with Roger for a few days now. I finally got a photo of him. He’ most recently from Redding, Ca where he owned a printing business but decided to sell it, his house and pretty much all that does not fit on his bike. He’s been traveling this way for going on two years now! He was biking around Idaho until the smoke was too much and headed to the west coast to get better air. He’s headed to So Cal for his son’s wedding in October.? Go Roger!

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