June 27: just past White Mountain in CA to just past Red Mountain in OR (PCT mile 1679 to 1704)

Today we visited an 85 year old cabin being restored by the grandson of the original builder

It looks out over a beautiful meadow

PCTers are welcome to stay overnight , but the day is young and we are nearly done with hiking in California. Just a few miles away we crossed into Oregon!

I know it is just lucky timing, but Oregon is cooler, greener and has more water than Northern CA.

Here’s one of our nice views today

We are hiking east towards Mt Ashland, the peak with the white round structure on top

I’m seeing lots more Phlox, some of it very deep purple

We initially set up camp near a steam in two tiny tent spots. I was not thrilled with my spot which had a tree blocking the entrance, so I started scouting around. I found an old logging road about 20 yards uphill that looked better, so we moved. I often find that the first campsite is not the best.

Clouds started floating over us and it is noticeably cooler than previous evenings. I even had to put my puffy jacket on to keep warm.

3 thoughts on “June 27: just past White Mountain in CA to just past Red Mountain in OR (PCT mile 1679 to 1704)”

  1. Congratulations to you both! Now on to Rob and Alice! Anyone else think that in the photo above that Picasso looks a tad like Bill Murray ??

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