June 28: just past Red Mountain to Callahan’s Lodge (Ashland) (PCT miles 1704 to 1718)

Today we have a 14-@mile hike to Callahan’s Lodge where we will meet up with my Sea Ranch neighbors for a few zero days!We woke up in the clouds and got to see them in all forms: Blowing by us,looking like snow below us,and interesting lookingWe arrived at Callahan’s Lodge, just outside of Ashland and had a nice lunch. Town food! Along the way down to Callahan’s I started noticed a growing pain in my right foot that was quite painful by the time we arrived. Good thing today is a short hiking day and that I will be taking two Zeros in Ashland. We were met by my Sea Ranch neighbors Rob and Alice Diefenbach, who will put me up for the next few days, fed me well and drive me to grocery stores, the Post Office and mountaineering stores to mail supplies further up the trail.Thank you so much Rob and Alice!

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