June 26: Seiad Valley to just past White Mountain (PCT mile 1657 to 1679)

Picasso and I got up as early as we could to get a jump on today’s climb. I was worried it would be as hot as our descent to Grider Creek a few days before. We had shade for the majority of the hill and then a cool breeze afterwards. We completed the big hill by 10am and found that we can still see Mt Shasta.

We hiked past more Limestone and volcanic ridges

And a picturesque Lilly Pad lake

There were a new type of flower

And a yellow Iris

It was hot again in the afternoon as we hiked through a recent burn area: you can see the trail we had recently hiked from:

I dragged myself into camp and took a 15 minute rest before setting up camp and eating dinner. I was beat and we were in bed by 7 pm.

Soon after, I was awoken by Phoenix, who had slept in, ate a big breakfast at the Cafe, then hiked up to our spot. He plans to log another 4-5 miles before bed. Oh, to be young again and have that stamina!

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