June 25: Grider Creek Campground to Seiad Valley RV Park (PCT mile 1650 to 1757)

We slept in knowing we only have a 7 mile road walk to Seiad Valley where we will enjoy a Nearo (Near-Zero) day. The road was pleasant enough, no traffic and lots of morning shade.

In no time we found ourselves crossing the Klamath River Bridge and entertaining Seiad Valley

Seiad Valley is a tiny town, but it has a Cafe, Store and RV Park. We hit the Cafe first for breakfast. One of the breakfast menu items is “The 5 lb Pancake Challenge: if you can eat 5 lbs of pancakes in 2 hours, your meal is free. Not feeling heroic, I chose the bacon and eggs.

Spikes joined our table. She ordered an avocado cheeseburger and after that a normal pancake breakfast and finished both! Not only that, but she and Austin then left Seiad Valley to tackle the 5,000 foot elevation gain over 8 miles that awaits us all. Amazing!

Picasso and I hung out in the shay lawn of the RV park chatting with Grandma (whose not a Grandma, and is only 26 yrs old), Peter Pan & Bigfoot (a couple in their seventies) and Phoenix, a young guy from Switzerland

We returned to the Cafe for lunch and then back to the lawn to sit again until it was time to sleep. A very lazy day!

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