June 16: Zero day in No Cal with Liz!

We sought breakfast at The Wheelhouse restaurant in Dunsmuir. A pair of sisters from Brisbane, Australia highly recommend it for its food, plus its over 200 board games that you can play! If you are ever in Dunsmuir you should check this place out!

We shared a bfast and played a few games of Carcassonne

We then drove back to Burney Falls State Park to see the famous falls. I had skipped viewing them when I was here earlier because I knew Liz wanted to see them

We then drove to Old Station to visit the “Subway Cave”, a really interesting and dark lava tube. Luckily, the always prepared Liz had an extra flashlight for me to use.

We stopped at the Diner in Old Station for lunch and met up with the two sisters from Brisbane. We are lunch together and probably bored Liz to death discussing the trail.

We returned to Dunsmuir and played another game of Carcassonne before eating at the Brewery.

My feet are feeling much better in the new shoes! The old shoes look OK, but clearly are worn out. So, I’ve decided I am not ready to quit the trail. On to Ashland at least!

Tomorrow, I will return to the PCT and hike into the Castle Crags area.

Thanks for reading!

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