June 12-15: Burney Falls State Park to Interstate 5 near Dunsmuir (PCT miles 1418 to 1501)

June 12: Burney Falls State Park to Kosk Spring (PCT miles 1418 to 1440)

June 13: Kosk Spring to Deer Creek Spring (PCT miles 1440 to 1460)

June 14: Deer Creek Spring to Squaw Valley Creek (PCT miles 1460 to 1484)

June 15: Squaw Valley Creek to I5 near Dunsmuir (PCT miles 1484 to 1501)

The PCT is divided into sections bounded by major roads or resupply locations (for a list, see https://www.pctmap.net/maps/).

CA Section O is a 100 mile section that heads west from Burney Falls State Park and I5 near Dunsmuir. It is almost entirely in forested areas, except where it is clear-cut logged, but even with the shade and streams it was hot, up and down haul. The trail was poorly maintained and heavily overgrown in many areas

Yes, that is a trail disappearing into the brush. There was also a ton of Poison Oak everywhere in this section. Ugh!

The trees blocked the views, but every now and then I could see forested hillsides

A few rock outcroppings

And Mt Shasta to the North

The stream vegetation was very lush: I was amazed at the size of these plant leaves

And this Leopard Lily

After hiking about 20 miles each day my feet were in a lot of pain. New blisters developed and my arches were very sore. I would start the day feeling OK, but would stumble/stagger into my campsite every night dirty, sweaty, smelly and oh so sore.

Needless to say my mood was not so great and I was strongly considering quitting the trail when I reached Dunsmuir. The thing that kept me going was knowing that my wife, Liz, is driving up Friday to meet me in Dunsmuir.

My mood improved on Friday as I summited the last ridge and viewed the Castle Crags Ridge across the valley

And went for a swim in the Sacramento River

I quickly caught a ride up I5 to Dunsmuir and was dropped off at the local Brewery

Liz arrived a few hours after I did. Things are indeed looking up! We drove to the city of Mount Shasta to do my laundry and delivered a fresh pair of hiking shoes.

I went through my pack and cut about a pound of unused stuff, yes, including that headlamp.

We slept in a smelly hotel room in Dunsmuir, but the bed was comfy. Tomorrow is a zero day to help revitalize my feet.

Thanks for reading!

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