June 11: North end of Hat Creek Rim to Burney Falls State Park (PCT miles 1397 to 1418)

We awoke to the cows mooing and soon found how close they were. Most of them were frightened of us and made a hasty retreat into the brush, but this one was unfazed by our passing

It was a beautiful morning and we were heading straight towards Mt Shasta

We descended the north end of the rim down towards an area of lakes and streams.

This environment is where you will find Columbine

Men’s Shoes and Cloud Rider were heading into The town of Burney, but I had a resupply package waiting for me at the Burney Mountain Guest Ranch, a PCT friendly place right off the trail in the middle of nowhere. I got a cold soda and a great lunch there, and found my resupply box in the store – can you spot it too?

I hit the trail again headed for Burney Falls State Park where I will camp.

Along the way I found another plant I had not seen before. I think this might be related to something called Loco Weed

I arrived at Burney Falls Park and set up camp in the deserted group camping area. The place was overgrown and I had to use a piece of firewood to scrape out a flat, rock free area to set up my tent.

It had been a long, hot day and I was beat. I knew that the campground market was open until 8pm, and a cold drink and fresh snack would be nice, but that was almost a half mile away! I was just too beat to consider that.

I was asleep by 7pm. At around 8pm a large family group arrived in a couple of cars and set up camp, cooked dinner and made their camp fire. They were quite boisterous, but I hoped they would calm down soon. At 10pm they were still quite loud, so I pulled out the headlamp that I have carried the last 300 miles, but never needed to use, to shine at them to remind them they are not alone. The lamp was dead, of course, so I walked over and asked them to keep it down. They apologized and were very quiet after that.

Sleep at last!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “June 11: North end of Hat Creek Rim to Burney Falls State Park (PCT miles 1397 to 1418)”

  1. Hi Dale! I thought of your Dad when I saw your box with your name in bright orange on the side. That would totally be something he would do or tell us to do. My Mom sold both houses and is moving up July 11th. I found her a house about a mile away from our house. It’s perfect for her and right on the water. The view of LaConner and Mount Baker is amazing from her deck. You’ll see it when you finish your trip. Keep on truckin’ Rene’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that labeling is something my Dad would do. Liz made the stencil for me (and mailed the packages). That’s great news about your Mom! I’m looking forward to arriving in and then completing WA!


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