June 10: Old Station to North end of Hat Creek Rim (PCT miles 1377 to 1397)

I was easily convinced to enjoy breakfast at the Cafe before hitting the trail. Today Cloud Rider, Men’s Shoes and I will be ascending a 600′ high and 20 mile long lava flow and hiking along the edge all day. It’s called the Hat Creek Rim, overlooking Hat Creek and Hwy 89.

As we ascended the rim we got our first view it Mt. Shasta

We rounded a corner and spooked a large bear. It took off so fast we did not get a chance to snap a picture. I’m glad it was afraid of us.

We came across a very welcome bit of Trail Magic around lunchtime: someone has stocked a cooler with cold sodas. One of the best Dr. Peppers I’ve had!

Here’s Men’s Shoes and Cloud Rider enjoying the Magic.

Although the trail was dry, there were a lot of flowers and the grasses were still green.

A nice afternoon breeze kept us cool

we found a campsite in a group of trees and were serenaded to sleep by the mooing of the local range cattle.

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