June 17: I5 near Dunsmuir to north of Castle Crags State Park (PCT miles 1501 to 1517)

We started our day with another shared breakfast and game of Carcassonne, then drove south to the trail head

Liz hiked with me into the Castle Crags area for 4 miles before returning to the car and driving home. It sure was nice spending the weekend with her! I’m off of my own again.

Castle Crags is a beautiful place and has a very nice trail: clear of vegetation, not too steep and lots of great views:

I found a new flower

And a friendly Gopher Snake

I camped up on a ridge with views of Shasta to the east and Lassen to the south. My feet feel great!

Only 80 miles to my next resupply in Etna.

Thanks for reading!

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