June 6: Little Cub Springs to Hwy 36 (Chester) — PCT mile 1313 to 1329

I woke up at 5 am and was hiking within 30 minutes– I wanted to get today’s uphill hiking, the first 5 miles or so, done before the heat of the day set in. My next water is 12 miles away and I am carrying 2.5 liters, which is plenty, but I still worry…

I saw a confirming sign that I was going the right direction

And then a marker that shown that I have completed half of the PCT so far! Yay!!

Ives hiked about 220 miles this trip, but over the last 4 years I’ve completed 1325 PCT miles!

The interesting sites today included a tormented tree

A tree full of shelf fungus

And Pine Drops and Snow Plant

I finally descended the ridge into a meadow

And intersected with Hwy 36 where I got the easiest hitch of my life to the friendly town of Chester

I had a chilly shower ( I paid for hot, but there was no hot water) then I donned my rain gear and washed every piece of clothing I had

Dinner was a nice salad, pizza and beer!

I camped in the back lawn of the local Lutheran church along with a few others.

Tomorrow may be a nearo (near-zero or full zero) – not sure yet.

Thanks for reading!

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