June 5: A few miles into the Lassen National Forest to Little Cub Springs — PCT mile 1295 to 1313

I decided I deserved to sleep in after yesterday’s climb. I was awakened at 7ish by the sound of flapping wing and a startled squawk– it seems a quail tried to perch on my main tent pole and was spooked when I woke up. I heard a lot of chattering from that bird off in the nearby trees.

Today’s hike is not nearly as uphill as the last few days and passes through some beautiful meadows

And generally rolling hills

And a few areas that are recovering from fires

Mt Lassen is getting bigger and closer

The water sources are getting more spread out, but when found have very strong flows still. Most are just Springs or streams but this one was was “enhanced”:

I saw some more types of flowers

The rocks in this area are a combination of the granite and flakey talus I’m used to seeing, but also has a large amount of pitted volcanic rocks that I think were ejected from Mt Lassen a long time ago

I hiked along a dry ridge line for many miles and camped above one of the few water sources in the area, a spring about 1/3 mile down the ridge.

I was surprisingly tired, but also worried about tomorrow, as it is 12 miles before the next water. The water concern is new to me this trip having been blessed with water every mile or so to date.

Thanks for reading!

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