June 7 : Zero day in Chester

I was planning to have breakfast in town and return to the trail by noon today, but found that my USB battery got unplugged last night and did not get charged 😦 . It takes _several_ hours to charge this thing, so I decided to stay the day in Chester and recharge it. It also gives my feed a rest.

No pics today, sorry, as it really was a day of sloth.

I’m excited to hit the trail tomorrow and hike into Lassen National Park!

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “June 7 : Zero day in Chester”

  1. Hello Dale! I too am section hiking the PCT. One of the sections I did last year was Chester to Echo Summit in September, so my experience was very different from yours in that stretch. I missed out on all the wildflowers — and the snow. Because I’m sidelined with an injury this year, my plan to have completed the trail this fall will have to wait for 2019. Thank you for sharing the little details, the things you notice when hiking so many miles alone.

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