May 29: Zero day in Sierra City

Sierra City seems like it would be a nice place to stay, but it is a very quiet town on the Memorial Day weekend.

At 10:30 the Post Office opened and I got my boxes! I now have another 5 days food, my lighter hiking shoes

And a second trekking pole to replace my Whippet pole. I get to mail my Whippet, Crampons and heavier boots back home. I decided to hold onto the gaiters a bit longer as I’ve heard from Wit that there is another 8 mile section of snow to trudge and post-hole through.

Damian learned that the resupply he sent to a local restaurant was taken by a bear that broke into the storage area! Only his resupply box was taken. It is ironic because he is the only only carrying a bear can in his pack! I had some extra that I gave him, and the restaurant owner says he’ll give him some food too.

The day was spent recharging my portable battery, posting blog updates, doing laundry (rinsing in the sink), and eating fresh(er) food.

I practiced my perspective illusion photography: this elk almost got run over

Evan, who is hiking the PCT until he finds a small town that will give him a job, has found his summer home. He’ll be helping at a BnB and at a market. He has no money so he’ll still be sleeping at the church.

I went to bed early since I’m rising early to tackle as much of tomorrow’s uphill in the morning.

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