May 30: Sierra City to Little Jamison Creek (20.5 miles)

I got up at first light and started hiking up highway 49 towards the trail head. There were no cars about– the town was very quiet. I started early because I needed to hike up over 3000 feet to near the top and then around the Sierra Butte peaks that overlook Sierra City. I made good time because the weather was very cool.

After a few hours I was looking down on downtown Sierra City.

The trail was in good shape and it was a nice, although tiring hike up and around Sierra Butte.

I saw a lot of wildflowers along the way,

And some more awesome views

But then I started hitting patches of snow

There were only a few places where I had to be super careful. Many time I could avoid the snow patches.

I found a nice campsite with running water nearby as well as a large pond with tons of frogs. I was serenaded to sleep by all the croaking.

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