May 28: Lassier Meadow Trail to Sierra City

It did not rain last night, but I did get covered in dew/condensation. No problem though, as it is a clear day and I’ve only got 12 miles of snow-free trail to Sierra City! And, it’s mostly downhill! Great views:

It’s clear now that spring has taken hold here with Lilac in bloom filling the air with its sweet fragrance

Dogwoods (not a great picture, so trust me)


And these flowers, which I cannot identify

I found some huge Sierra Puff Balls

And a familiar Nor Cal Native Slug

There were signs that something bigger had been around: these are deer leg bones, I think, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Slug that did this!

I finally arrived in Sierra City! My resupply packages await me in there, I hope! I also get to mail home my snow equipment: insulated boots, gaiters, Crampons and my Whippet pole (a cross between a hiking pole and an ice axe).

In yesterday’s blog, one picture showed a statuesque peak in the background. That peak, or a significant part of it, is the start of my next segment to the town of Chester.

I am camping tonight on the lawn of a local Church that is PCT Hiker friendly. I have met up the team that left the footprints I followed: Damien from Germany, Brad, whom I met last year on the trail, Evan and Hawkeye, and Brad’s dog Lola.

It’s a beautiful, warm night, but there are a lot more insects out and about. But that is a better than snow!

Thanks for reading!

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