Wednesday, May 17 — day 52

PCT miles 745.29 to 750.83

Today my goal is to get to Chicken Springs Lake then exit the PCT to Horseshoe Meadow.  I got up early while the snow was still hard and donned my Microspikes to start the ridge traverse.  The entire trip will be on snow

I was able to get a good View of Horseshoe Meadows

After a few miles I finally reached my trips goal: Chicken Spring Lake 

I was so excited!  Fifty two days and 751 miles of walking had finally brought me to this point!  

I celebrated with a lunch of salami, cheese, cookies and candies.  I then headed back before the snow got too soft.

I said goodbye to all the PCT through hikers that continued on to Rock Creek and points north — I wish I could join you!

I returned to Trail Pass and headed down to Horseshoe Meadows.  I was careful in crossing the meadow because the streams were eroding the snow

I was careful to cross the ice bridges over the steams at their thickest points

Along the way I encountered pink snow – an algae that grows on snow

After crossing the meadow I arrived at the Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead where two years ago I had started my extended John Muir Trail hike.  

With my trip last year from Tuolumne Meadows to Lake Tahoe, this now means that I have hiked from Mexico to Lake Tahoe, I have completed the first 1,110.99 miles of the PCT!

I set up camp at the walk in campsite for Cottonwood Lakes.  Due to the road closure I had the entire area to myself.  I started a small campfire in an attempt to fro my shoes, but the wood was awfully wet and preferred to smoke rather than burn.

I think I only succeed in giving them a nice smoky smell!

I went to sleep feeling both excited that I had reached my hiking goal and sad that my journey is almost over.

Thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 17 — day 52”

  1. Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed your postings, great photos of animals, flowers and views. Uncomplicated details was refreshing. In 1971, day after high school graduation, I walked from Lone Pine to Lake Tahoe south shore in 33 days. Next March I’m walking Campo to Horseshoe Meadow (Lone Pine) God willing and the creeks don’t rise. You said the road was closed, are you going to road walk to Lone Pine? Best to you, Cal


  2. Really enjoyed your photos and account, Dale! What an experience! I hope you are able to hike another section next year.


  3. Congratulations Dale! I have enjoyed following your journey! What an inspiration! Hopefully this will be me one day!


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