Tuesday, May 16 — day 51

PCT miles 730.00 to 745.29

I awoke early and read from the latest weather report that that things were looking better – overcast, but no more snow.  When I exited the tent I noticed My tent had been visited by a mouse/rat overnight

The snowstorm dumped between 2-3 inches of snow everywhere.  I was worried at first that it would be hard to track the trail, 

But was able to see the faint trace of the trail under the fresh snow

I only had to check my GPS a few times, which made travel a bit faster.  I did not see anybody this day, but did see tracks that were headed higher than the PCT and did not see them return.  Not sure what that meant, but perhaps he had an other goal in mind

The new snow was a bit sticky and would regularly clump up under my Microspikes making me feel I had growing platform shoes.

I saw tracks of mice, chipmunks and coyotes 

After traversing several miles I came to Trail Pass where I set up camp.  I had a great view of Big Whitney Meadow 

I was glad to have weathered the storm well and get back on track to complete my goal.

Thanks for reading!

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