Aug 22: Ridge campsite to near Deep Lake (PCT miles 2423.1 to 2435.2)

The rain stopped just before dawn.  I emerged from my soaked tent and started a long decent with great views.


At the bottom I found a nice campsite that I could lunch at and hang out my tent to dry.

The clouds cleared and turned into a sunny and quite warm day.  It made the steep climb up the next ridge all the more difficult.  At 3:30 I was dragging: feeling out of breath, sweating a lot and stopping often.  I found a nice stream and was surprised that I drank over a liter of water. I deduced that I was dehydrated today.

I looked at the profile to my intended campsite, some 5 miles up trail and saw that it was another steep trail with no water.  I decided to camp near this nice stream where I could rehydrate to my body’s content.

I noticed that my new shoes (the new version of the Merrill Moabs) are starting to fail in a way the old ones never did.  I now have a coin purse at the tip of my left shoe!


I drank up and slept well.

Thanks for reading!

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