Aug 21: Ridge Lake to Campsite on side of ridge (PCT miles 2400.8 to 2423.1)

It was a starry night with a bright moon emerging late. Yay, no rain last night! At dawn I could see clouds coming in though.  The weather report from my satellite texting device predicted rain today.


The hike today snakes through a series of ridges: hike up ridge to pass, hike down the other side of the ridge to the base of next ridge, hike up ridge to a pass, and so on. It culminates with a 2,000 foot climb to a campsite I have selected to stay at.  Here’s the view from the top of one of the passes looking down at a lake that I will be hiking down to.


Some of the ridge walks are a bit steepIMG_8102.jpg

It started raining at 9am, but not too heavy and I didn’t even don my rain jacket.  It  stopped by 11am but restarted at 2, this time a bit stronger.  Lots of pretty views though…




And saw some Marmots and a Pika



I had to hike further than I expected to today because the original campsite was a bit exposed and it was still raining.  The next site was about 4 miles away, passing through a designated “Fragile Area” where camping is discouraged (although I did see multiple people setting up camp there).  I found my spot, set up the tent and dove in.  It rained all night.

Thanks for reading!

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