Aug 9: The ridge above Shoe Lake to Pipe Lake (PCT miles 2289.1 to 2302.3)

My hike today will take me out of the Goat Rocks area and down to White Pass where I will resupply at a small market, and enjoy hot food, fresh juice, email/text family and friends, and even score a cold beer left in the hiker box!

Just as I was leaving the Goat Rocks, I spotted Mountain Goats!

The Weather forecast showed rain tonight and tomorrow. Oh well, this great weather can’t last forever…

I Left White Pass after lunch. Clouds started forming, thunder started, but as I arrived at my campsite, the thunder abated – maybe no rain after all?

Found a small flat camp spot nestled in trees near Pipe Lake.

After dinner, the thunder and lightening picked up again, so I prepared for a rainy night: empty pack under my legs/feet, everything but water bottles and shoes inside the tent.

it started raining after dark and did not let up until morning, but I was was warm and dry.

Thanks for reading!

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