Aug 10: Pipe Lake to Dewey Lake (PCT miles 2302.3 to 2320.9)

It stopped raining in the early morning, but the trees were still dripping on the tent. I loaded the pack from inside the tent and then ventured out. It was still overcast with low clouds so I quickly ate breakfast and started hiking,

The plants along the trail side were very wet from the rain. I used my walking sticks to knock the water off them, but soon my shoes, socks and feet were soaked.

There are lots of mushrooms here, some quite large

I had a nice stream crossing where a large tree conveniently fell

I arrived at Dewey Lake in the evening.

It started raining right after dinner and rained all night, take a listen

At least I was still warm and dry!

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Aug 10: Pipe Lake to Dewey Lake (PCT miles 2302.3 to 2320.9)”

  1. The first fungi photo is Amanita something, all highly toxic,some used by Siberian shamans. The second one is possibly Boletus edulis, which some people regard as edible. Enjoying your hike, wish I was there.

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