Aug 4: Campsite above Panther Creek to Blue Lake (PCT mile 2186.2 to 2205.8)

I woke up feeling tired, out of breath, sweaty and generally low energy. I have the rest of a big hill to get over this morning then a smaller hill in the afternoon to get to Blue Lake where I hope to swim and camp.

I stopped at a water cache a few miles up the trail, found a shady spot and started to fill my bottle. I spilled a little water in the process and noticed several wasps crawling on the ground under where I was sitting. Then one stung my knee- seems I was spilling water on their nest entrance. I quickly moved about 30 feet away, but one followed me and stung my other leg. Ugh.

I pushed myself up and over the ridge and started feeling a little better after lunch. At one spot I met a father-daughter hiking pair who were cooking lunch. He had fresh onions, rice, fresh tomatoes, juices, cans of chicken and tuna — all very heavy stuff. He estimates that he carries five pounds of food per day. I try to carry less than one. He’s an experienced hiker (completed the Appalachian Trail) and this is what works for him. Wow.

As I hiked down the trail many miles from the water cache yet another wasp stung me on my leg. What is with it guys!

I got a view of Mt Hood behind me

And a view of Mt Adams ahead of me

After a very hot climb I arrived at Blue Lake.

I could not jump in to go swimming fast enough! It felt great. I found a secluded campsite and felt pretty certain I would have it to myself— I found it while tramping off trail and could not find any trail leading to it.

I was asleep by 6:30pm.

Thanks for reading!

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