Aug 3: Rock Creek to campsite above Panther Creek (PCT mile 2166.7 to 2186.2)

Woke up feeling great. I’ve got a big morning hill to conquer and completed it without too much sweat or pain.

I saw eight of these giant slugs on the trail

And I saw a type of fern I do not recall seeing earlier

I’m hiking down out if the wilderness and into an agricultural area.

It turned into a really hot day!

At the far end of that valley I ran into Trail Magic! On a dirt road where the PCT crosses, two Portland sisters hauled out food, beverages and chairs for hikers – one of them being their sister, Toots, on the right.

It was so awesome talking trail talk with the other hikers that I stuck around for over 2 hours. I’ve only got 4 miles to go to a campsite, but it is all uphill- maybe it’ll be a cooler hike later.

I trudged up the hill, but it was plenty warm. I was sweaty and exhausted when I arrived. I thought about cowboy camping, but saw a lot of ant roaming about. I set up my tent, are dinner and climbed into my tent. There was no breeze and I lay in my tent with no covers and fell asleep. Other hikers arrived and started setting up their tents. I put in earplugs and went back to sleep.

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