July 28: Jude Lake to Timothy Lake (PCT mile 2049.7 to 2076.4)

Today will be the first of a two day effort to get to Mt Hood. The trail follows and crosses a few ridges and ends at a large lake that I intend to swim in and camp near.

The great part about today’s walk are the copious ripe huckleberries

I smacked on them most of the day!

The scenery was made up of forest and meadow views with nice wildflowers

I’m hiking in a Douglas Fir forestland am reminded of a story about them I heard a long time ago. It goes like this: when Noah was gathering the animals for the Ark, he cane upon a species of tiny mice that could not be convinced to join him. When the rain and floods started they desperately tried to save themselves by burrowing head-first into Douglas Fir cones. If you pick up one such cone, you can still see their hind legs and tail:

Douglas Fir is not really a Fir, it is a type of pine.

After a long day of mild up and down walking I arrived at Timothy Lake where I did get a swim in and camped.

Thanks for reading!

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