July 27: Jeff Creek to Jude Lake (PCT mile 2030.6 to 2049.7)

The night in the burn area was quiet and uneventful. I forgot to mention that there was no expectation of strong winds or a storm. Had there been, I would haves moved on before camping.

Today’s objective is to go up and around to the other side of Mt Jefferson. First I had to cross a fast-flowing Russel Creek. A few years back an equestrian and her horse were injured trying to cross the creek at the trail crossing. The equestrian was helicoptered out but the horse was put down and left in the stream — the bones can still be seen. Here’s the view from the trail crossing

I traveled upstream a bit and found this crossing point.

That tree was the key – one foot got wet, but the crossing was slow and successful.

Other stream crossings were more serene.

Some were obviously glacial

The morning part of the hike was a 2,000 uphill hike to Jefferson Ridge. The trail was very rocky and I had to cautious of “teeter-totter” rocks and “roller skating” rocks. The former are just surprising, the latter can send you leg flying and land you on your butt.

Just below the ridge I entered a beautiful high valley

With lots of wildflowers

And lots of streams

I made it up to the ridge and had another great view of Mt Jefferson

The way down the ridge was through rock and snow marked with impressive cairn towers

I saw signs of a mountain lion, I think

And this interesting cricket

I arrived in the mid afternoon at the Ollalie Lake Resort. I celebrated by having a beer and Oreos on their porch. That is Mt Jefferson In the clouds in the background– hard to believe I was on the other side of it this morning!

It was a short walk to Jude Lake where I camped.

Thanks for reading!

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