July 18: Six Horse Springs to Summit Lake (PCT mile 1872.1 to 1890.1 )

It was still fog-dripping in the morning, but I need to get going. I figured the fog would lift as the morning went on and so ate on the trail. With all the “rain” overnight, there were completely dry spots where there were no trees above.

I hiked down to the intersection of the trail with a dirt road. Some PCT friendly person maintains a water cache here: there are at least 50 gallons of water here.

Two other hikers showed up and decided to take an alternate trail, the Oregon Scenic Trail, which instead of climbing two 1,400 foot ridges, instead skirts around them and rejoins the PCT at Shelter Cove.

Im a purist, so uphill I went. I was rewarded with views

I also saw a lot of flowers

I arrived at Summit Lake and had the place to myself. The view from the tent was great!

So nice!

Thanks for reading!

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