Aug 23: Willaby Campground at Lake Quinalt to Twin Harbors State Park in Westport (66.1 miles)

I somehow forgot to include a few photos in yesterday’s blog: after dinner I went on a trail walk from the campground. This area is a old-growth forest that I believe has never been logged. There is a trail system from the campground and meanders through for miles. I just went in a quarter mile or so and had views of beautiful waterfalls

Huge trees

And some very large plants (my hand for scale)

This place is awesome- definitely on the return to here list.

Overnight the smoke gave way to coastal clouds (fog) and I was awakened by tree-rain: fog accumulation on leaves and dripping to the ground. I had to put the rain fly on my tent for the first time this trip.

When I awoke and went down to the lake shore I could see the smoke was gone

My ride today is on US 101 to Aberdeen, then Hwy 105 to Westport

Along the way I witnessed creative ways of dealing with old propane tanks:

And also saw someone’s tribute to the Geoduck Clam (that is a 8 ft or so chainsaw carving).

The whole day has been breezy but clear. No smoke out this way! I lunched in Aberdeen, the birthplace of Kurt Cobain.

I rode into a headwind the final 10 miles or so, but made it to Westport. The beach is very pretty

And my campsite was well way from the others, very quiet

and bordered by bountiful Huckleberry bushes

Thanks for reading!

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